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The photographer Larry Burrows was shot down while covering Operation Lam Son a massive armoured invasion of Laos by South Vietnamese forces. On this photograph, however, he still had enough e.

Vis ma vie de sportif de l'extrême : la révolution des films “outdoor”

“Skydiving fun in Miami by Ralph Turner. This is a shot I took yesterday at Skydive Miami during a fun jump with friend Dexter Marcelino”. (Photo by Ralph Turner)

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen with his wife, 1947. Looks kind of like Tormund Giantsbane.

Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen and wife, Magdalene Vang Lauridsen. Photo: Irving Penn, 1947 awesome people who made history always take the most surreal tongue in cheek portrait photo


TV Glasses Hugo Gernsback demonstrating his television goggles in 1963 for Life magazine


Lam Thi Dep was a Viet Cong soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. The above photo of her was taken in 1972 in Soc Trang Province when she was 18 years old. Large numbers of North Vietnamese women like Lam Thi Dep fought for the Viet Cong and photos.

Russian Soldiers - 1914/ Soldados Rusos - 1914.

Many men were in the military or monks?: A dog with plenty of company (Russian soldiers,

Historic WTF

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): WWI German soldier wearing his night shirt, armed with a bayonet, standing in front of a latrine with. a cat on his head. Well all righty then. kitten soldier ww ii ww i

This is why I say history is so important to know. To appreciate what we have, we have to know where we've been.

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German soldier lighting his cigarette with a flamethrower somewhere on the eastern front. Example of technology with the flamethrower in How ironic this picture is of how this device which is used to clear bunkers, is being used to light a cigarette