@twhiddleston on twitter - Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston wearing Welovefinetees Loki You Mad tee!

Because Tom Hiddleston danced for us. In his pajamas. In bed. | 51 Reasons 2013 Was The Best Year Ever To Be A Nerd

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth

Loki and Tom Hiddleston

I do pin quite a lot of Tom Hiddleston I should really stop.....but today is not that day :)

Tom Hiddleston dancing gif

I haven't seen Magic Mike but I don't think there's any comparison.

Tom Hiddleston


Darling Tom...

He's just super adorable. He literally cannot control his adorableness.

How he reacted when told that he got the role of Loki...

"Every villian is a hero in his own mind" - Tom Hiddleston about Loki. I love this quote of his, because it is so true...especially in Loki's case.


Tom and Loki- hahahaha


Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

Hiddles as Loki.

silly goose

Tom - Loki