Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. This is what I want for Christmas. :)

Miniature donkey!

miniature cows! I want some!

Minicow? Then i'd just need a pygmy goat, a teacup pig, and some bantams and I'd have my own little mini farm

A Mother's love.....<3

Miniature donkeys!

Not only are miniature donkeys adorable, they have a sense of humor!

pygmy goat. i want one. But I need a farm- if ever I have a farm it will be a miniature critter farm- pygmy goats, dwarf bunnies, miniature donkeys & miniature horses. ....... all things miniature & small!

They Call it Donkey Love | miniature donkey baby and mother by Jonathan Palmer #WOWparksandzoos

Baby Donkey by Sharon Montrose

adorable <3

Miniature donkey.

baby donkey..

Gypsy Vanner-don't really want it cause horses are too expensive for me, but wow this one is gorgeous

Is she not the cutest monkey EVER??!!

Baby mini goat. This is going to happen soon. Along with my mini donkey and mini cow. For my mini farm.

A little spring baby!

Cute baby donkey

Mini horse Angel!

Every baby needs a plush toy