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azimuth of the sun is low, warm colour temperature: 1800 kelvins ish.

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Beach Photography Picture Description A girl running with birds feeling free. She looks stress free and as if she was flying summer sun

Goodbye Summer print by elgarboart  http://www.etsy.com/listing/52741498/goodbye-summer-5x7-fine-art-photo-print

Goodbye Summer 5x7 fine art photo print

Beautiful photograph - sunset silhouette & some gorgeous textures (added in photoshop) Surfer silhouette on a beach

Life doesn’t get any better than this

There is a part of me that SO badly wants to live at the beach and in the summer just be able to ride my bike to the beach with my best friend to go Surfing and just ugh that is the LIFE

Looks like you could just reach out and bite it

Full moon over the Parthenon, Athens, Greece. Love Greece one of my most favorite places in the World!


It's a time to be carefree & relaxed, forgetting all that bothers you. These are our Ocean Quotes!

Pastel | Pastello | 淡色の | пастельный | Color | Texture | Pattern | Composition |

Sunlight Summers still here by (c-los) For me Summer just got here, July was relatively cool and lots of cool showers.


Someday, I will be able to have the power of the sun streaming threw my hands because I too will have dreads.


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