Mary Corbet... master of embroidery... love it

I Love Sue Spargo's hand embroidery work!

#Embroidery_Tutorial -- "Add Mirrors to Embroidery or Knitted/Crocheted Garments With Stunning Shisha Stitches. Full photo and text tutorial at Craftsy." Enjoy from #KnittingGuru

flowers - pretty hand embroidered flowers

lazy daisy stitch - pretty with two colors! #embroidery

Citrus Slices: 1) stem stitch an outer circle; 2) chain stitch just inside the stem stitch; 3) stem stitch 8-10 segments, evenly spaced in the circle; 4) starting from the point of each segment, stitch two long chains on the LHS, finishing just inside the top edge, repeat this on the RHS, then fill the middle with additional chain stitches; and 5) complete all the segments in the same manner. Note: that there are three tones of a single colour for each slice.

This is a gorgeous shisha stitch variation used in hand embroidery. Shisha stitches are used to hold little pieces of mirror (or anything else!) to fabric. This particular variation is colorful and bold - and with a little practice, you'll find it easy to do with this step-by-step tutorial.

embroidery idea

Sublime Stitch Color Palettes Embroidery Floss

Pink Druzi Wool Blanket

Star Stitch Embroidery Stitch

sashiko tutorial


Floral Monogram Colors & Stitches

Pretty stitches

Stitch Play: Combining Chain Stitch & Buttonhole Stitch – Needle’

Shisha Stitch

Sample and tutorial of Brazilian embroidery.

Stitch Play: Cast-On Stitch Rose – Needle’

Blue Embroidery Tank Top

Pearl Embroidery