Mary Corbet... master of embroidery... love it

I Love Sue Spargo's hand embroidery work!

#Embroidery_Tutorial -- "Add Mirrors to Embroidery or Knitted/Crocheted Garments With Stunning Shisha Stitches. Full photo and text tutorial at Craftsy." Enjoy from #KnittingGuru

See site: Stitchin Fingers. Go to Tutorial link for instructions to lots of embroidery stitches.

embroidery idea

Pinwheel Flower - circle of Chain (darkest thread), Oyster Stitch (medium thread), Detached Chain with long supporting stitches (lightest thread) alternating in length, next (using the lightest thread) add a bead to the end of the longer stitches & French knots on the shorter ones. Using the medium thread, stitch French knots to fill the middle. The large stumpwork leaf is made separately and is added after the embroidery is completed. Lots of pictures of Stumpwork on this site.

Stitch Play: Chain Stitch Spider Daisy – Needle’


Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation 3

Stitch Play: Beaded Palestrina Stitch – Needle’

Shisha Mirrors - TreadleArt for all your sewing, embroidery and

Shisha Stitch

embroidery- cool stitch!

Overlapping ribbed fly stitch shisha embroidery tutorial:

Sublime Stitch Color Palettes Embroidery Floss

Around shisha??

Star Stitch Embroidery Stitch.

Palestrina Stitch Edging can be used finishing and constructing a cross stitch project

Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation 3

Hand embroidery does not have to be complicated to look good! The simplest stitch - the straight stitch - makes a pretty nice flower when you follow these easy tips!

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