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Serif's Adobe Photoshop rival Affinity Photo gets a major update

Photoshop scatter effect tutorial: download our FREE brushes and follow along! | Digital Camera World

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Ten Photo-Editing Tips From a Pro

Lightroom photo editing tips. This is a great article with easy tips that make a huge difference.

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Hasselblad joins the 100-megapixel club with the H6D-100c

The 6 best Photoshop layers any photographer can use


{Before & After} How to Create a Matte Black & White Photo

{Before & After} How to Create a Black & White “Matte” Photo

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How to read a histogram: what you can learn from your camera's exposure graph

How to read a histogram: free photography cheat sheet

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Deals: HP Chromebook 11, Alien boxset + SoundMAGIC earphones

In this great photography cheat sheet from the team at The Studio, they've rounded up 11 of the most important photography filters, illustrated their effects with and without the filter mounted and explained when you might want to use one to improve your image.

Need to consult this before I do ANY editing. Tons of helpful tutorials on brightening tones, smoothing skin, adjusting levels, etc. SO GOOD.

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Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop

Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop #Photography #Photos #Pictures #Camera Re-pinned by

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Weekend news roundup: 14-16 December

How to pose for photos: find the most flattering angles for you and your subjects

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Samsung Galaxy Camera hitting Australia late November

How to find your lens' sweet spot | Digital Camera World

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Nikon launches the D5500 advanced beginners DSLR

24 camera features every beginner photographer must memorize

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What camera should I buy? Use our step-by-step guide

How to retouch photos: pro techniques in 10 easy steps

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Best image editing apps from the Mac App Store

Layer mask techniques anyone can understand: master this vital Photoshop effect

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These are the invisible cameras of the future

Camera cleaning: 5 ways to healthcheck your camera with confidence