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yeah basically

"Leave me so i can cry over the deaths of fictional characters" for real, cried a few times reading the hunger games series

This could happen at my house.  Definitely..... Maybe I should invest in an E-Reader to prevent this from happening?

This is so me! My husband would always buy me a new bookshelf every time there were more books than shelves!

ohhhhh yes! William and I have spent hours conversing about Sir Percy and Lady Blakeney :D

I don't understand people who don't feel this way. They're the one's that i question their sanity ;

Everyone in the house knows not to speak when Grey's Anatomy or Rookie Blue is on. No DVR = no speaking.

You, keep your mouth shut. Grey's Anatomy is on. This is me every Thursday night!

This totally describes me and Hiccup!!!!

Multiple characters come to mind here. Mr Darcy Christian Grey Pretty much every character Benedict Cumberbatch has ever played Etc.

Certain books, like Harry Potter, oh yes!!

Certain books, like Harry Potter, oh yes!!


Positive Quotes – Real Nerd Girl Problem: Has more books than shoes. Positive Quotes n Description Are there people who don’t? (Also I’m very excited to have found a ‘real nerd girl’ problem.

Eric Northman, Edward Cullen, Damon Salvatore..... Etc Etc Etc

I obsess over fictional characters. As if Harry Potter wasn't proof enough, 3 Hunger Games books in 4 days = lots of tears!