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X for me represents all the negative concepts, mostly destruction. Destruction is a form of creation.

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Chemical structure for Seratonin, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy and rewarded. So the tattoo is a daily reminder that I can be happy without drugs or money or a happy family— I love this. caffeine would be cute for me too

'for keeps' on my right wrist to be a constant reminder to myself, that I play for keeps and that I am for keeps. I am not to be bargained with, nor do the bargaining. It’s an all or nothing deal. It’s my loyalty to love. There’s a period at the end to symbolize the finality of it." <---- love the meaning!

Icosahedron - one of the five Platonic Solids and symbol for the element of water

I have an obsession with circular tattoos. As you can probably tell.