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that moment when you need to adjust your sleeping position but feel bad becuase your pet is asleep on you. / Confession Ecard / (someecards,dog,sleep) YEP do this with evie all the time

Love my fur babies!!!

Dogs are furry children that will never ask for money, a car or a phone. And they are always glad to see you.so true!

I HAVE to quit asking this question!  My 4 dogs must think I'm an idiot!

This is so our dog Chipper. lmao Did you seriously just ask me if I wanted a treat? Have I ever said no, you twit?

But sometimes you just have to give it a try...

The real truth about the futility of cleaning my house. You know, the one with 4 dogs.

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Real life right here!! I don't trust people that dogs don't like/that don't like dogs...

Real life right here! I don't trust people that dogs don't like/that don't like dogs. - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Ha! I do miss a dog if I drop something and there's not one around!

I feel sorry for people who don't have dogs. I hear they have to pick up their own food if they drop it on the floor. haha so true

Sorry, but my dog thinks you're an asshole, and I believe him. | Apology Ecard | someecards.com

If your dog doesn't like someone, neither should you. Most accurate first impression ever. If only I'd listened!

Ha! This is exactly how my family thinks of people who don't like dogs.

I am actually not a fan of dogs.but I do have a pretty awesome soul.SO THERE!

Everyone keeps popping out kids and I'm all like 'My dog is awesome...'

Yes.this is my life! I am not popping out a kid just because I'm married now!