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    • Emma Sears

      Women Of The Future 1901 Paris, France

    • Hedy Michelson

      Let's pretend you are a fashion designer and you designed this outfit in 1916 and it set a new trend in fashion! 1

    • Heidi Lange

      french postcards of Women of the Future. | art #art wedding #wedding bridal #bridal bridesmaid #bridesmaid princess #princess vampire #vampire fantasy #fantasy scifi #scifi corset #corset bustle #bustle steampunk #steampunk dress #dress gown #gown neovictorian #neovictorian costume #costume Civil War #civilwar victorian #victorian vintage #vintage retro #retro burlesque #burlesque fairy #fairy faerie #faerie fae #fae goth #goth gothic #gothic timetravelcostumes #timetravelcostumes

    • Kim Butler

      "The Women of The Future," according to 1902 French trading cards

    • Alvin Huntsman

      star arm tattoo

    • Charlotte Anderson

      "In 1902, a French trading card manufacturer released this curious batch of playing cards depicting women and their futuristic careers as soldiers, lawyers, journalists, and cigarette-chomping students. But because these cards were designed to titillate, many of these outfits aren't entirely practical"

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    Women of the future... in 1902: Journalists, rural guards, policemen, firemen...

    The Woman of the Future from 1902. This is apparently woman doctor of the future. Perfect example of gender performativity anyone? The rest of the photos are pretty fantastic too.

    #20 - Barrister. Women of the Future, from 1902.

    "The Women of the Future" France, 1902. Humor Postcards. Even MORE sexy...a woman soldier!

    French postcard, 1902. "Women of the Future: Mayor". - A. Bergertet shot a series of photos imagining the bizarre jobs that women of the future might have. Bergertet's slightly risqué postcards depict how women might look in various fields.

    French postcard, 1902: Women of the Future: Police

    #20 - Politician. Women of the Future, from 1902.

    French postcard, 1902: Women of the Future: Non-Commissioned Officer

    Jane Hungerford Milbank organized an "Army of Columbians," to "train women, to broaden them, to teach them to take orders and obey commands and work as a team." (NYTimes, 19 May 1915) She believed that women would need to protect themselves and their country if the Germans came to the US in WWI, and also that women's suffrage demanded women's military readiness.

    #7 - Marine. Women of the Future, from 1902.

    WWI military uniform of the Women's Motor Corps of America, who provided a way for women to participate in the First World War. Taking advantage of the advent of the automobile, women volunteered as drivers and provided transport services at home and abroad. This ensemble, with its Sam Brown belt and leather leggings, emulates the composition of the men's uniform at the time.