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    Numbers is the newest addition to Osmo, winner of TIMES Magazine Best Invention of 2014. Kids arrange physical tiles, including dots and digits, to make numbers and complete levels as Osmo’s reflective technology lets the user know if they are giving a correct answer. Add by putting more tiles, subtract by removing tiles and multiply by connecting tiles together. Experimenting becomes fast and intuitive as kids learn math in a innovative and stress-free environment.

    Math Workshop- this teacher explains exactly how she conducts her guided math lessons in her third grade classroom. (extremely informative post that includes a FREEBIE!)

    Freebie: Open-ended question for math. Favorite answer a student gave: a spider and Santa. Enjoy!

    The Value of Open-Ended Math Questions (And a freebie, too!)

    FREE Add or Subtract? Teach With Laughter

    A fun addition game for students to play in small groups

    Free printable #math talk poster... great for students (and teachers!) to look at for help with speaking math!

    I'm Not Tricking You-Here's How to Turn ANY Reversal Around in ONE DAY!

    Setting up your 20 minute guided math session! Lots of pictures, tips and tricks (and a freebie!)

    Discuss math practices, use math journals, become a problem solver click link for math journal prompts

    This is a math must-have! I saw this at a math workshop and will be making a worksheet to go with "Choose 3 Ways" to solve a problem.

    Number of the Day to use as a warm-up for math class - change the tasks throughout the year

    Guided math Set up and organization- lots of pictures, tips and a FREEBIE!

    5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play (very adaptable for different grade levels)

    Motivate students to blast fluency with Math Facts Fluency Blast. Celebrate success with rocket glasses and rocket crowns. Soar the Math Facts Galaxy. Blast off with math fact cards. Rocket race with self-correcting cards. Zoom to success on the speed tests. Launch fluency with intervention. $

    Want to show off a little 'magic' in math class tomorrow? Want to watch your students' jaws drop when they see you guess their secret number correctly again and again? Learn how to do this magic math trick and get these FREE printable Magic Math cards to use at

    FREE Super Power Thinking Math Game @Teacher's Take-Out A Math Game for Number Sense!

    The steps in these 2nd grade math story problems were created for the purpose of making sense of a problem, instead of using tricks and key words to solve a problem. Students must understand what the problem is asking them to do before solving it.

    Four levels of this fun game work on time to the half-hour, time to the quarter hours, to the minute and elapsed time. Perfect for differentiation! Other game links here are just as good!

    Here are six posters to print and use in your classroom as guided higher order thinking questions in math. They are general math questions that can get your students thinking as class discussions or in math journals. Keywords: CCSS, Higher Order Thinking, Math, Discussion, Math Journals, Posters, First Grade, Second Grade For More Visit: www.teacherspayte... Enjoy! :)

    Great challenge for your gifted students...or work in groups to figure it out! Great thinking on this one.

    Create addition problems using critical thinking skills in this fun second grade math card game.