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  • Cari Bishop-Smith

    one of my favorite things in chorus with the tree frogs.

  • Bea Bea

    crickets, cicadas, frogs, etc.put on a concert in sweet summertime

  • Holly Garcia

    Miss this about southern livin' :) Its always the little things

  • Christianna Kirk Knauss

    especially while swinging on my back porch!

  • Sherri Hurst

    The things I hate most about living in a city is no stars or birds/frogs/crickets like growing up on an acreage.

  • Tiffany K.

    one of my favorite things about southern livin' :) I remember laying in my bed hearing the chirp and a little unsure as to what type of creature was making it. Until my explained ...."jimmy the cricket." Then imagined them playing those chirpin legs like an instrument.

  • Paula Jarosz

    one of my favorite things about summer nights.

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just little things... A list of all the simple things we should appreciate in a blog

=) Especially when you're up in the mountains or anywhere else where there are few city/street lights.

So pretty,nature is epic. when it's not attacking me =) did anyone else hear summer nights and thing Grease?

It's a real good life--out on a backroad--down in the hollow--fireflies glowin'--whippoorwills hollerin'--crickets sangin'--Wouldn't Trade it for a THANG!!

One of my favorite songs. I whistle it all the time while I'm cleaning up the dining hall. sometimes I even catch one of the boys whistling it because of me, even though they've never heard the song

Peachy keen and hunky dory = that is my sarcastic answer when asked how I am doing. No one knows that I am being sarcastic though. They just think I am a bit weird.

We laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night , Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeroes :)

And thus ensued marshmallow murals, glitter in hair, watching the stars, faces on trees, and every lovable little thing they could think of, because really, who's to stop them.

...with a snuggly blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Cliche, I know, but wonderful none-the-less!