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Parisian Carrots (55 days)...A great little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom. It "excels in clay or rocky soil where other carrots have problems developing properly". They say it works great for containers. Would love to grow these

Heirloom seeds - these are Dragon Carrots, photo via Seed Savers. Heirloom variety fruits and veggies help maintain biodiversity by "being allowed to pollinate naturally, with traits only selected by generations of breeding. These traits might have been developed quickly [in the last 50 years], or proudly tended and passed from generation to generation since the Civil War." - Cat Rocketship

DIY Seedling Greenhouses | Get a Jump Start on Your Garden This Year | Cool And Simple Tricks To Start Your Own Indoor Seedling Using Items From Around Your Home by Survival Life at http://survivallife.com/diy-seedling-greenhouses/

Cucumbers are sweeter when you plant them with sunflowers. Don't plant them with watermelons! It ruins the taste of the melons. Lots of other gardening tips on this blog.

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