So so sweet!! Miss my Lucy! :(


Golden Retriever


Goberian - Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky....OMG love it!

Mommy and babies <3

Are you getting sleepy?

Golden Retriever Family

Dealing With Summer. Baby it's Hot outside!! This dog knows how to cool off!! #DogHumor #FunnyDog #SillyDog #DogPics #DogMemes #Rawco

Definitely. My babies and I. We are all short sweet!... my two doxies I... PRincesses.

Me first!

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Oh my gosh! This the cutest thing!!!!: Doggie, Dogs, Sweet, Adorable Animals, Funny Pictures, Stay Calm, Puppys, Holding Hands

this is the life


George, Guinness World record holder, Tallest living dog & tallest dog ever. WOWWEE!!!

Comfortable Bed

so sweet

Golden Retriever Puppy. So adorable!