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    I got You belong in the ‘60s!! Which Decade Do You Actually Belong In?


    Forever alone...aw this is sad but sounds like my life. haha

    sometimes i think I'm A ♥

    Snozberries :)

    "I, uh, um.... I like to eat.. And watch tv"

    STORY OF MY LIFEEEEEE. basically.

    Chemistry Cat: Au, he's golden. HAHAHA

    10 Ways 90s Kids Made It Through Elementary School. SERIOUSLY :)

    no one understands...introvert probs.

    I'll take a drunken massage by a man...a hot man!!!

    I LOVE THIS. i think I'm a great catch :)

    OMG hilarious! that would be my child haha.

    HAHA..this is awesome. this is how i want to always eat my tacos!

    Yes I did!!!


    People born in September and November live longer - WTF fun facts SWEET! i will out live you all :)

    hahaha best prez ever :)

    Christmas at Hogwarts - my dream

    :) i would deff be open to dating a fairytale character, Hook is deff good looking :)

    Boy Meets World. Best one word quote.

    haha seriously :)

    i just have a question. -really so does everyone waiting in line. HAPPENS EVERYDAY! people have no manners anymore :(


    must be my problem :)