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    This PowerPoint explores the relationships between plants, animals and the environments they live in. It was used during our lesson on interdependence between animals, plants and the environment.

    FREE plant life cycle anchor charts.

    Animals and habitat lesson. Students can write or draw animals and plants and then classify them according to whether they are living or non-living. This example uses animals and plants in the desert only, but you could modify it to incorporate other environments as well!

    In this 6-page science lesson, students explore the world of plants and the parts of a plant

    This powerpoint file has information for plants. It covers:A) Why plants are important.B) The life cycle of plants.C) What plants are used for....

    The students willnmake a mobile using different environments and the animals that live in them to show their understanding that different animals live in different different environments. Students will be able to pick which environment they are interested in the complete the mobile.

    Life Cycle of Plants: Includes mini-labs, reading strategies, writing activities, graphic organizers, observation journals, diagrams, plant vocabulary cards, anchor charts and foldable flower project book!

    This FREEbie allows your early readers/writers to show what they know about the animals that live in each of the following BIOMES: Rainforest, Tundra, Desert, Grassland and Forest.

    ($) "My Book About Animals" is the student activity / workbook that accompanies the Animals and Adaptations unit. It includes graphic organizers, tables, foldable notebook pages, and puzzles. The concepts and objectives covered in this workbook include: ~Animal Habitats ~Living Things ~Needs of Living Things ~Parts of a Food Chain ~How Animals Adapt to the Environment ~Related Vocabulary #kellysclassroom

    This has all you'll need to create an awesome lapbook about plant and animals, their needs, and how they live together with your students. Lapbooks are easily created by any learner. $

    Grandmother's School--Plant Lessons

    This life science unit contains 28 fun-filled pages with lessons, activities, and experiments exploring: *Every living thing has a specific environ...

    This Animal Diorama and Research Report is such a fun and engaging project for your students! They will learn about an animal by creating a diorama of the animal's natural habitat. Students will research, complete an Animal Research Report poster, write a page about their animal, and present their project to the class.

    Life Cycle of a Plant "Freebie" differentiated lesson for grade 3 students on an iep

    You could use any animal toys you have - so simple but great science lesson too! From No Time for Flash Cards.

    Demonstrating how bees help flowers with pollination! FREE lesson!

    Plants: Intro to the Plant Kingdom Set of 3 Quizzes. These three quizzes were written to go along with my 97-slide PowerPoint called, “The Plant Kingdom: Introduction and Classification.”

    Studying animal groups or learning about animals? This unit has reader theatre scripts, posters, lessons, vocabulary and activities that go with learning about the different animal groups!

    *FREEBIE* My students love this PowerPoint review game! The game reviews: animal and plant classification, inherited traits, learned behaviors, microorganisms, and animal/plant cells.