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This PowerPoint explores the relationships between plants, animals and the environments they live in. It was used during our lesson on interdependence between animals, plants and the environment.

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Science For Kids : Omnivore, Herbivore, or Carnivore

You could use any animal toys you have - so simple but great science lesson too!

Animals and habitat lesson. Students can write or draw animals and plants and then classify them according to whether they are living or non-living. This example uses animals and plants in the desert only, but you could modify it to incorporate other environments as well!

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My Sea Animal Report {Student Research Template}

My Sea Animal Report {3-Page Student Research Template} $

The students willnmake a mobile using different environments and the animals that live in them to show their understanding that different animals live in different different environments. Students will be able to pick which environment they are interested in the complete the mobile.

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Living & Non-Living (Biotic & Abiotic) ~ Interactive Science Notebook Pack

Living & Non-Living (Biotic & Abiotic) ~ Interactive Science Notebook Pack $

This FREEbie allows your early readers/writers to show what they know about the animals that live in each of the following BIOMES: Rainforest, Tundra, Desert, Grassland and Forest.

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Plants and Animals - Living Together - Lapbook

This has all you'll need to create an awesome lapbook about plant and animals, their needs, and how they live together with your students. Lapbooks are easily created by any learner. $

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Animal Diorama and Research Report - Project Pack

This Animal Diorama and Research Report is such a fun and engaging project for your students! They will learn about an animal by creating a diorama of the animal's natural habitat. Students will research, complete an Animal Research Report poster, write a page about their animal, and present their project to the class.

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Life Science Biology Curriculum Bundle

A year's worth of biology and life science lessons: scientific method, cells, genetics, evolution, classification, human body, and ecology. Includes animated PowerPoints and accompanying handouts which include guided notes, diagrams, activities, labs, pro

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Animal Needs Primary

Animal Needs - wow! 3 awesome interactive lessons and bonus material!

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My Animal Report {Student Research Template}

My Animal Report: This student report template is a great way to support primary children as they learn how to research information and write in informative forms. The template provides an opportunity for children to write AND draw about their animal's habitat and diet, explain whether it is helpful or harmful, and share amazing facts. 3 pages, $

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States of Matter Unit: Solid, Liquid, Gas

This complete unit will provide you with many hands-on activities to teach matter. It includes: - Day by Day Lesson Sketch (with learning targe...

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Arctic Animals Math and Literacy Fun

ARCTIC ANIMALS - Which animal do you like the best?

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The Six Kingdoms and Three Domains of Life - PowerPoint {Editable}

This highly visual and fully EDITABLE PowerPoint contains 20 slides that cover the six kingdoms and 3 domains of life. Many teachers teach the six kingdoms of life, but this lesson gives the added bonus of the three domains for those who want to enrich their junior science courses or for those who are teaching an upper level science/biology courses.

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We All Went On Safari-A Science & Geography Unit - This inquiry unit suitable for Foundation & Year One, matched with Science & Geography Australian Curriculum focuses on our environment, interdependence of living things and the Cross Curriculum Priority 'Sustainability'. Included is 11 lesson ideas, an appendix with resource links and a powerpoint