I want to dip-dye my hair like this so bad. Too bad I'm brunette and scared to dye my hair.

OMG her hair is amazing!!!! <3<3<3

dip dyed brunette hair with deep purple ends... Fun for summer maybe? Maybe just chalk it..


My friend Kelsey's AMAZING platinum and purple ombre hair. I want it so bad. I know it wouldn't work on me but every time I see her I wish I was blonde.

Cotton candy


Did you know that sleek, straight hair makes your face look fatter? Neither did I! So grab your curling iron and check out this awesome list of 10 tips to teach you how to curl your hair and how to make it last!

#hair style

I will do this to my hair one day!!


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Cotton candy hair.


purple tips!

Dip-dye pink.

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I love this! This would be a fun funky thing to do for the summer!!!