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  • Dottie Claggett

    how to fix scratched dvd. Going to have to do this. amazing

  • R. V.

    How to fix scratched DVDs - can this work?

  • Donna

    minorly scratch you can just spray it w/some white vinegar, rinse under water, dry w/ a lint free cloth or microfiber cloth If that doesn’t work Here is what you will need: Lint free cloth. Toothpaste (the paste not the gel kind). Nu Finish liquid car polish. Step one: On the corner of your lint free cloth, place a dab of toothpaste rub in a circular motion all over the diskCover the entire disk with paste then rinse it off - pat dry w/your cloth clink link blog to see rest of instructions

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Fix a skipping CD. Apply a small dab of car wax to a scratched CD and buff it clean using short strokes along the length of the scratch, not across it. Rinse the CD with water, and let it air-dry before playing.

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