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put this on a shirt and I'd wear the hell out of it. typography, quote, inspiration, etc.

Exactly!!! When I cried this morning, it was over all things I had built up inside me. *sighhhh*

i really would! lol this would look nice in my bedroom, it would match the light turquoise i think

The little girls just could not sleep because her thoughts were way too deep her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down the rabbit hole The End

Ha ha...seriously?!?!? The person who made up this quote must not have children yet! (or possibly someone who hasn't even had a full time job or been a full time college student!) I personally look back on those days daily lol

Omg . . Thats sooo funny . Great now that's songs In my head . . .

This isn't really a quote, but I didn't know where else to put it.

Talking to you in the morning has completely replaced my cup of coffee. Your voice is so much better.