A collection of 12 jaw-dropping ideas to decorate your wedding ceremony.

key placement cards

ceremony decor

not quite my garden, but it gets me excited for my wedding!


The easiest and fastest way to make your bed. As seen on the New York Times.

GORGEOUS Round Ceremony Set-Ups

Lolita Love My Wine Glass and Super Bling Collection Wine Glass with Bottle Boa.Perfect for Christmas, holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, or any special occasion!

This is Gorgeous

aisle with candles and petals..so pretty!


A chandelier in a tree with fairy lights? Sounds magical to me!



Wedding Ceremony with Handmade Lanterns Decoration

wedding ceremony decor

Talk about attention to detail

For all those getting married! A site just like pinterest.. but solely for weddings.


Wedding sunglasses ... wedding favor