Victorian illustration of game 'Battledore and shuttlecock', an ancestor of badminton


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Crazy badminton.. 1:08 min of no drop.. I really should learn something from them.

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Chong Wei Feng's badminton trick shot over Ashton Chen

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Illustration de la revue "Le bon genre" : le volant. Auteur : Bosio François-Joseph, Baron (1768-1845) Crédit photographique : (C) RMN / Agence Bulloz Période : 18e siècle, 19e siècle, période contemporaine de 1789 à 1914 Localisation : Paris, musée Carnavalet

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Badminton can be traced to the mid-1800 in India,& was created by British military officers Photos show adding a net to the traditional English game of battledore and shuttlecock. The sport is related to ball badminton, from Tamil Nadu, and is similar to Hanetsuki from Japan. Popular in the town Poona (now Pune), the game was also known as Poona. Balls of wool called ball badminton were preferred in windy or wet conditions, but ultimately the shuttlecock stuck.

Badminton Shuttlecock in Olympic London