endless love, cute

I love this design! I don't think I will ever get a tattoo but I love this one!

Love tattoo

What Type Of Soul Do You Have?

If I were to ever get a tattoo I like this, but change it to Lydia using the L and heart shape. I've never thought about a tattoo before!

tattoo from tattooesques.com - "everything has beauty" in black ink, "but not everyone can see it" in uv ink; would love to know the original source and the artist for this tattoo

"Everything has beauty ((but not everyone can see it))" Love this black and white ink tattoo idea. I just love this quote!

This is a great #quote for life for when you need help when you need to make stressful decisions. Read the blog attached for more.

LIVE the life you LOVE. LOVE the life you LIVE. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

handwriting tattoo fonts -

13 Cool Images of Beautiful Handwritten Fonts. Beautiful Fonts Alphabet Beautiful Script Fonts Alphabet Beautiful Tattoo Font Most Beautiful Script Fonts Beautiful Handwritten Fonts Free

I want this!

tattoo mother daughter Wonder if I take the little curl off the 'daughter' hair, if it would pass for Mother/Son .

PERFECT! Changing the words, but love the link from the "e" to the feather/birds.

Free Yourself Tattoo Quotes on Shoulder - Feather Tattoo for Girls – The Unique DIY tattoo quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY tattoo quotes ideas on feather tattoo for girls, shoulder quote tattoos to Personalize yourselves.

Small Dreamcatcher Tattoo I try to figure out why people love small tattoos. Small tattoos normally look cute, and popular choice for beginners. One of reasons for people to get small tattoos might be there’s a chance for regret if… Continue Reading →

Perservere Tattoo - This Swedish symbol, which originates back to Skovde, Sweden, is called the Malin symbol. This Malin symbol means, “You have to face setbacks in able to go forward.


Star moon and sun tattoo - Perhaps a good reminder of my mom singing "you are my sunshine". Dad gazing at the stars with me when I was small.

Placing. Just perfect for flip flops.

I saw a tattoo like this but it had brother and sister written in the infinite sign. I would like to get something like this in memory of my sister Terri. She always wanted to get a tattoo, but didn't get the chance.