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Yup. Need this! Rotating 360° is a multi-outlet socket system.

Rotating is a multi-outlet socket system that allows you to add many sockets to the strip – ala Lego style. The main feature is that you can turn around the socket-outlets in any direction, so as to accommodate various plugs.


More modern & creative product/industrial designs - This Goldfish Phone Charger also acts as a cord holder and stand which help keep those pesky cords out of site.

I don't swim much now that we filled in our pool, but I would love to try these in the water.

Silicone Swim Gloves ** available sizes: S, M, L **: Sports & Outdoors

Air Umbrella- no freakin way... no canopy but rain still goes around you... » I wonder how well this actually works. Have you tried it?

I need this for work - since umbrellas don't work here. Air Umbrella - Produces an "air curtain" that blocks the rain. so cool, and way less hassle than an ordinary umbrella!

Arquitectura , Arte y Diseño industrial contemporáneo

Arquitectura , Arte y Diseño industrial contemporáneo

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

Super fofo para decorar banheiros♥

Developing Your Decor Toilet Tissue Holder. Pay homage to bygone gadgets by decking out your powder room with this camera-shaped toilet tissue holder! I found my next gift for Yankee Swap.

25 Beautifully Designed Products | From up North

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski, I wish it was made from steel and not injection-molded plastic…

Mr. Tea Infuser: Just load his little silicone pants with loose tea leaves, perch him in your cup, and watch him relax as he does all the work!  Your orange pekoe will be perfect.  Ahhhh, so relaxing.

Mr. Tea

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts and Mr. Tea Infuser at Perpetual Kid. Throw some tea in your trousers! Tea Infuser is fun and easy to use! He's no fool!

La Wave chaise sortie tout droit de l’imagination débordante du designer Brésilien Roberta Ramme. Ce meuble est un tout-en-un, à la fois méridienne et espace multimédia (écran de télévision plat, espace bureau, rangements pour CD et DVD…) #design

Méridienne lounge high tech

Space saving furniture for teenage bedroom design. Modern teenage bedroom furniture, new design ideas for small rooms.

Customizável do "sentido do tempo" Relógio de parede |Estamos realmente esperando de Bomi Kim sentido do tempo conceito entra em produção, porque a simples ideia é simplesmente brilhante. A peça central mecânica permite a personalização ponteiros do relógio de sua própria escolha para ser usado, abrindo um mundo de idéias específicas para sua própria decoração (ou senso de humor).  [via 2Modern Design Conversa ] Apartment Therapy

Customizable "Meaning of Time" Wall Clock

Funny pictures about Customizable Wall Clock. Oh, and cool pics about Customizable Wall Clock. Also, Customizable Wall Clock photos.

Olha que ideia legal amor!

Funny pictures about A Little Thing You Can Do With Your Cords. Oh, and cool pics about A Little Thing You Can Do With Your Cords. Also, A Little Thing You Can Do With Your Cords photos.

50 instrumentos de cocina que no conocias pero que son muy utiles 31

50 inventos para la cocina que quizá no conocías pero que te encantaría tener

A double bowl, so you can discard nut shells, olive and cherry pits, edamame . Place food in top dish and waste goes underneath out of sight and out of the way. The person who thought of this is a genius!

Mind blown by so many of these. Why is this not the norm???? Dude the packing tape one is literal genius status

Mind blown by so many of these. Why is this not the norm? Dude the packing tape one is literal genius status. Also the usb charger plug one and also I love the pizza vending machine!