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I saw this awhile back...always makes me think...What is your fav love quote? I'm an acts of service and quality time lover. Things I seek in my day to day reality.

There was a time when I would have loved for you to open up to me, but I'm questioning what positive aspects you would bring into my world. Friendships, relationships shouldn't be draining. We are finally at a place where everything doesn't feel backwards and let me remind you...I had to fight to get here.

Haha this is you view black men as confident, strong and powerful? although I do firmly believe in the ebb and flow of life. (Creativity, relationships, vibes ect. You can't be "on" 100% of the time. That's unrealistic)

Lol a beautiful black girl again...I would love to know why?! And wait wait waaaait a minute...go back to and your "boundaries" Bahahaha thanks for acknowledging that!!

Live as colorfully as you can! Life as a Party Girl can be really tough, just remember to always look on the bright side beb! P.S live colorfully also looks real good as a neon sign, we might need this one!

Word. I am who I am. I've always had a super strong sense of self. No excuses, no apologizes. Why do you focus on reflections and projections? Because you struggle with them and boundaries? Art is beautiful because people see what they are. That's how the mass audience connects to it.

Lol I'm def no people pleaser. My boundaries are legit. Also my ex was a trust fund baby. Money doesn't impress me. My self worth and value ain't tied to no dollar signs boy!! I'd rather be broke and free!! Just incase you were wondering...all my poetry was about YOU!! Never my ex. Blah!! Why can't you just talk to me!! So annoying!!