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    Dr. Elizabeth Roemer, Lunar and Planetary Lab (University of Arizona)

    Dr. Caitlin Griffith, Lunar and Planetary Lab

    Dr. Melissa Dykhuis, University of Arizona

    Dr. Catherine Elder, University of Arizona

    Dr. Audrey Bouvier, Arizona State University

    Dr. Veronica Bray, University of Arizona

    Dr. Penelope Boston, Professor at New Mexico Tech

    Dr. Debra Fischer, Astronomy Professor at Yale

    Dr. Nicolle Zellner, Associate Professor at Albion College

    Dr. Nuria Calvet, Professor at U Michigan

    Dr. Penelope (Penny) King, Research Professor, University of New Mexico

    Dr. Katherine Joy, LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration

    Dr. Alice Quillen, Professor at University of Rochester

    Dr. Margaret Campbell-Brown, University of Western Ontario

    Dr. Cassie Conley, Planetary Protection Officer at NASA Headquarters

    Not pictured: Dr. Sue Lederer, Dr. Emily Lewis, Kari Magee, Cathy Plesko, Veronique Vuitton, Dr. Kate Crombie, Kimberly Cyr, Dr. Janet McLarty-Schroeder, Claire Newman, Catherine de Bergh, Dr. Marcia Burton (Cassini MAG), Dr. Jo Eliza Pitesky (Cassini), Rosa B. Orellana, Elsa Jensen (MSSS), Amanda Brecht (NASA Ames), Heather Smith (NASA HQ), Priscilla Cerroni (INAF) and surely more. Please leave a comment with a web site or URL for these women and well happily add them!

    Dr. Margaret Tolbert, University of Colorado at Boulder

    Dr. Sumita Jayaraman, PSI

    Human body ingredients. We are made of star stuff.

    Dr. Tamara Goldin, U Vienna

    Dr. Mukherjee: physician, scientist, and writer. One of the 100 most influential people in time magazine.