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When people get together to be awesome…

Shops Cafes Restaurants, Restaurants Stores, Cheese Domination, Banners Flags Cr Ideas

I am a day dreamer and a night thinker

This Cake Contest Has The Most Amazing Cakes We’ve Ever Seen | Bored Panda

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This - than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory. Here's how he did it.

Only love fills that hole where a parent is supposed to be.

Pure awesome.

Lindsey G, this is for you


Watch out for toxic people and fake friends.


Matt Walsh Is Wrong About: Robin Williams

Timelapse of Dormant ‘Rose of Jericho’ Plants Exploding to Life After Exposure to Water www.thisiscolossa...

Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD ): this is pretty awesome

Alfredo Mendoza, water ski champion and part-time witch. 1953

An Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall Hides a Fishy Secret: an old shopping mall has a self-sustaining and thriving "pond" in it's basement, filled with exotic Koi and catfish species

Bounce Below: A Giant Network of Trampolines Suspended in an Abandoned Welsh Slate Mine: Bounce Below is a network of trampolines and slides mounted to the walls of an abandoned slate mine at heights of 20 feet to 180 feet off the ground. Visitors are welcome to climb, bounce, slide, and jump in the netting amidst a technicolor light show.

Darth Vader Playing Violin #starwars #darthvader #vader #photo #pic #violin


Forced perspective shot, but it reminds me of the story "The Bremen Town Musicians."


Small town teen does incredible Michael Jackson performance at talent show, including moonwalk around the 3 minute mark. In related news, I stumbled on my own pants hem and smacked into a door frame this morning.