• Kristine Cable

    I hope I have a funny kid!

  • Melissa Navarro

    Awwww, it's a poop poem, i dont know why I find this SO funny!

  • Marchelle Chaney

    Poop Poem. My kid wanted me to search pinterest for poop of all things. She said poop's funny and well, it can be. lol Like when I read this silly poem all about poop I could barely speak at the end bc I was laughing so hard. My kid goes, "mom be careful you might poop yourself!"

  • Lexi M.

    Lol at little children poems! Hahahahaha so cute and funny.

  • Alyssa Williamson

    Why are poop jokes so funny?

  • Megan Clark

    poop. This made me laugh so hard! I'm so glad someone else found humor in poop!

  • Aleisa Keyes

    Poop Poem unintentionally inappropriate test answers from young children.

  • Ideal Bodies Online - Sue Heintze

    The brilliant "Poop Poem"! Kids are so fun. Ideal Bodies Online - Funny stuff, fitness motivation, inspiration, tips, articles and more. IdealBodiesOnline.com

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