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A world w/o Facebook-- wow life was way more complicated before The Facebook.

You already know that twitter posts have the shortest lifespan of any social media; then Facebook at an average of about 3 hours on a news feed. Here is an interesting and relevant case for blogging. I would add videos, too. The content from both of these marketing strategies can be out there for months, even years - in perpetuity, in fact. What do you think?

The Facebook Effect on Relationships: "Facebook and romantic relationships make for a potent — and potentially volatile — combination. While the network does offer opportunities for meaningful social interactions and self-esteem boosts, it also opens a Pandora’s box of options for spying, stalking and other insecurity- and jealousy-driven actions between lovers. And all those public relationship tidbits of data..." / May 31 '12

this one kind of freaks me out even though I do ♥ infographics... The Evolution of Facebook Features #Infographic

Edgerank Algorithm Will Help You Trend On Facebook [Infographic] -“Edgerank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what posts appear in each individual user’s news feed. The three variables that make up this algorithm are affinity, weight and time decay.“ PostPocket

Diagrama de flujo: creando una página de Facebook (vía M. Pastora)

How Consumers Interact With Brands on Facebook

CEOs may say no, but study shows otherwise. A brief browsing activity on the internet, i.e. social network generates happier worker. Happier Worker = Better Productivity

Excellent infographic demystifying Edgerank and how businesses can get better news feed visibility!

#Infografia Aumento de ventas en comercio elecgtrónico Pinterest vs Facebook via @ingenio