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ice cream package

ice cream package

Я умираю, принесите шампанского | Дизайн упаковки | What the pack?

Я умираю, принесите шампанского

2012 Apocalypse Wine - Design STUDIOIN recently unveiled their New Year's gift to their lucky clients entitled 2012 Apocalypse wine.

Geometría de envases  objeto "articulado" usado para beber agua

LH2O: geometría en envases

is an experimental packaging design and space filling research project by Pedrita with Agua de Luso. The unique form and function of the design emphasizes easy storage, transportation, display, handling and consumption.

Patrick Sung has designed Universal Packaging System (UPACKS), a conceptual packaging system that forms to whatever it is that you’re shipping.

Universal Packaging by Patrick Sung

Designer Patrick Sung came up with the idea of flat sheets of recyclable corrugated cardboard called the Universal Packaging System or UPACKS. Fold & conform to any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents.

Jagermeister for when you're on the go Lmao its so little and cute bahaha

Hard Liquor Looks Truly Odd Packaged in Milk Cartons

I feel like this packaging puts a twist on matches. I feel like it gives buying matches a fun feel.

Animal matches (Japanese Kawaii) - A fun play on something ordinary. The package helps explain each "face". Uses a simple design and effective basic color palette.