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  • B Griffiths

    "How to Make Love" -- a guy gives his imaginary son "the talk." -- This is awesome.

  • Kathryn Salinas

    The "Talk." This man would be a great father (if he's not already). His comparison of a woman's clitoris and the trench in the Death Star is spectacular. Good advice, sir!

  • Katie Gorley-Garner

    A dads advice about sex to the son he doesn't have. So funny and so true.

  • Robyn Castles

    Loving this from a dad to his son. And all so true. The Star Wars bit got me the most

  • Ashley Prewitt

    This man deserves a medal. Every dad should tell his son this

  • Kristen Hanna

    A Pinner said "Note from Parent to Son on How to Make Love. (might help when I need to explain sex to my future kid)" -haha too funny.

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My goal! Love meeting great people... especially the ones who positively impact your life after meeting for only a moment. :)

"Advice You'll Never See in Cosmo" - hahaha this is hilarious. And actually true for the most part!

Good advice for men, and some good advice for people in general.

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Should've done this today, lol... cuz of coooourse the ex has to text me today, considering it's valentine's day :P

The world is divided into 2 types of people: Sherlock & Watson. Seriously worth the read

"Nessie just wants a friend" from Miss Nessa's Monster Shop @ Etsy

bahaha!! that's the best! And this, this is basically what I'm going to be doing for a living. yep. ;P

Someone had a little fun more funny pics on facebook:

I think this is to cute. If I had a daughter I wold hope she would want to be both Thor & Cinderella.

Don't sweat the pretty things and don't pet the sweaty things