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'Montessori Nursery/home---AP parent friendly, bed sharing friendly. Love and support it--Bed sharing or mattress on the floor for a toddler, low bookshelves, promote connections and independence

Montessori Toddler Room | Joyful Abode  i dunno about the floor bed thing but maybe with a toddler bed

Montessori Toddler Room Tour

video monitor camera is mounted on the wall with the cord secured and the outlet covered too, so that is safe. It’s not the prettiest, but painting it the same color as the wall helped to camouflage it a bit

Sleeping For Twins the Montessori way. This mom skipped cribs and opted for floor beds. She secured the room so they would be safe at all hours.

Floor beds for twins. Montessori On The Double :: Parenting Twins & Multiples The Montessori Way

The Kavanaugh Report: DIY Montessori Pull-up Bar

DIY Montessori Pull-up Bar

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Even though baby has a Montessori floor bed, doesn't mean he has to lie on it :-P

Chambre Montessori pour bébé : les grands principes

Chambre Montessori pour bébé. Les grands principes.

A Montessori nursery with links to other Montessori nurseries on this page.

Les plus jolies chambres d'enfants #montessori

Amazing Bedroom with mastress on the floor (Montessori) Love the idea of the shelves near the bed, for the evening story - Kids Room Ideas


I was reading Kylie's words here, in her wonderful post about her son's room. And what she said struck me.I love to see bedrooms and nurseries especially those of the Montessori kind. But mos.