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Susan Faludi, author of BACKLASH and other books. Met her at Kent State. Awesome.

Susan S


Gloria Steinem


Margaret Sanger, an author and social reformer, gives up nursing to devote herself full-time to the cause of birth control, a term she is credited with originating. In 1914 she flees to Europe when indicted for sending obscene materials through the mails. She returns the following year and opens the first U.S. birth control clinic in Brooklyn. In 1921, she establishes the American Birth Control League which later mergers with other groups and becomes the Planned Parenthood Federation in 1942...

Lucille Ball

Arundhati Roy

Tanni Grey-Thompson won 16 Paralympic medals, including 11 golds, held over 30 world records. She also won the London Marathon six times. Awesome

I've met her. She's amazing.

I really want to point out that it's called a women's library because of the books it carries. The books in this library age written by women, that's it. There was only the impression of male exclusion. It goes to show how much investigating this person did before reacting.

Susan Butcher. First Female Iditarod winner.

There are way more boys than girls in pretty much every popular movie or book you can think of.

THIS is why we need feminism.



A rape culture comic.

#QuestionsForMen - highlighting the everyday sexism women have to face and men generally don’t even have to consider

Remembering Helen Gurley Brown, whom we lost in 2012.