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    Fancy Nancy Word Wall

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    Everything a new teacher could possibly want - from lesson plans to classroom ideas, all organized so neatly into a website.

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    Use clipboards hung on a bulletin board to display student work. easy to change. classroom collective • Posts Tagged ‘Classroom Organization’

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    New teacher resource

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Absent Bin…an easy way to make students responsible for getting make-up work. Great idea!  Any extra copies go to the “extra copies” bin by the door.  This might make for a more independent classroom though!

Job Board - Already have the pockets. I just need to figure out what jobs are needed in my high school classroom.

Sharing Kindergarten: daily 5 ideas

Whole brain teaching... I just learned about this today. It seems like effective classroom management paired with actions, partner work, and repetition; activating different portions of the brain to make learning fun and easy. -NDW

Getting students to set goals... I think I am going to do this with my grade 1 when I start practicum in Jan!

Estimation. If you have $25, how many sandwiches could you buy? If 3 people want 8 pack nuggets and 4 people want sandwiches, do you have enough money? If not, how much more money would you need to fill your order?

Love this! Send a copy home during the first week of school so parents have a tool to help with their child's success!

FREE! I have my students fill this out in the beginning of the year. Then when it is time to choose authors for read-aloud books, prizes for Students of the Month, colors for student awards or folders, etc., I look at students' favorites lists. I even take their lists with me when shopping for holiday goodies so I can choose things in their favorite colors. :) Enjoy!

Vocabulary notebook - Cannot tell you how much I love this idea!! Really like the Root word, prefix and suffix portion.

This comprehensive FULL YEAR resource includes everything you need to start each English Language Arts class off with an engaging activity!