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hahaha my mom does this all of the time. when i worked in a protein chem lab with a jerk of a boss i texted her about my bad day and she kept LOLing me... i had to explain she was being rather unsupportive, as mothers go.

He better, because handsome as he is, dog-eared pages are a deal breaker!

So...this just made me giggle. Book quote paired with wake up alarm!

No. Twilight is not awesome. Nor will it ever be awesome. It will fizzle out into nothingness while J.K. Rowling's series will live on in the lives of our children and their children and the many generations to come.

Robert Downey Jr.- I think this man knows exactly how cool he is.

There is a reason why I love his career

The morning is a success if I make it to lunch without eating my lunch.

and then the day came when neville was the hottest wizard of them all.