An Early Three-Case Inro Edo Period (17th century) The black lacquered cloth-covered ground decorated in gold, red and black hiramaki-e and takamaki-e with paulownia and chrysanthemum flower heads, the interior black lacquer, fundame rims

Lacquer inro with a full moon over autumn flowers by HARA Yoyusai (late Edo period),Japan 原羊遊斎

Chrysanthemum Netsuke - Kiku Manju

An Ivory Netsuke Signed Hidemasa, Edo Period (18th-19th century) Of a piebald hare, black lacquer details, eyes inlaid in cowhorn

Makie inro, full of chrysanthemums / SHIBATA Zeshin

Vase with Waves China (Southern Song or Yuan Dynasty) The Cleveland Museum of Art

ivory netsuke of a cat on awabi shell ~ inro with ebi, crayfish ~ unsigned ivory four-case inro, 19th century ~ red lacquer ebi ~ height 3 3/4 in., 9.6 cm An unusual inro decorated with a large tsuishu (carved red lacquer) crayfish wrapping around the ivory cases, the rough texture of the crustacean body contrasts with the polished legs and tentacles, the eyes of black lacquer, the ivory cases bearing a warm patina; with mustard-colored glass ojime

John La Farge, Camellia in Old Chinese Vase on Black Lacquer Table, 19th century

Netsuke snake


Beautiful inro & netsuke Sold for 261,015,$ this roiro lacquer four-case inro, 2¾" high and with black and gold lacquer decoration of a boat, loaded with treasures associated with the Seven Gods of Good Fortune and drifting on the waves, is the work of inro artist, Shibata Zeshin. The smaller netsuke is similarly lacquered with waterweed floating above a combed wave pattern.

Magnolia blossoms. Japanese netsuke (manju) made of carved ivory; also silver, gold., via Takeshi Shiga

An Ivory Netsuke Signed Gyokusen, Edo Period (19th century) Of a group of chestnuts, the interiors of which are minutely carved with four scenes around Lake Biwa

A Fine Lacquer Suzuribako [Writing Box] Edo Period (18th-19th century) With overhanging cover decorated in hiramaki-e, takamaki-e, nashji, fundame and kirigane on a black lacquer ground with chrysanthemums, grasses and flowers among rocks, fitted inner tray, silver waterdropper in the form of a butterfly 25cm. long

Japanese black lacquer bunko box, Rimpa (korin-style) lacquer with pewter and m.o.p inlay, c.1900

Orig Japanese Woodblock Print Book Chrysanthemum of Japan Vol1 Meiji

E-Karatsu Teabowl. Circa Early 17th Century.


爱 Chinoiserie? Mais Qui! 爱 home decor in Chinese Chippendale style - Kona Bay Wallpaper

Gold inro

"Flowers". Ukiyo-e woodblock print. 1811, Japan. Artist Utagawa Toyokuni I