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A buffalo-horn netsuke of a fugu fish 19th century Facing ahead as it swims, its tail trailing at the back and its open mouth with inlaid teeth, the eyes of raden with dark horn pupils, unsigned.

19c shunga netsuke woman washing herself ex Royal collection.

IVORY NETSUKE 19th Century By Masatoshi. Depicting a man and child neck wrestling. Signed. Length 2.25" (5.6 cm).

Japanese - Very Fine Late 19th Century Ivory Netsuke ' Mother and Baby Penguin' Signed to Base. 1.5 Inches High. Excellent Condition.

Netsuke - from the Edmund de Waal collection

Manjū netsuke depicting Minamoto Yoshitsune practising martial arts with a tengu demon. Ashmolean Museum.

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Susan Wraight: Coconut Octopus, 2011

susan wraight netsuke | Here a Hare, There a Hare | Lesley Kehoe Galleries - Japanese Art ...

...the touch of a small turtle netsuke

Tadatoshi, Snail netsuke, late 18th-early 19th century (source).

Netsuke d'un rat et d'un chat en ivoire <br>par Dosho, Japon, XVIII<sup>E</sup> siècle | Lot | Sotheby's

Gama Sennin seated on a giant toad. Japanese netsuke, Ivory, the toads eyes inlaid with ebony, made by Masakazu 正一, 19thC

Netsuke of Monkey with a Chestnut, 19th century

Netsuke in the Cincinnati Art Museum

Hand CARVED Signed Fierce FIRE DRAGON Boxwood NETSUKE 009143BL www.silverrosebea...

Susan Wraight: Mouse on a Corn Cob, 2012

Japanese wooden netsuke, 19th century, a hare holds and showing an opened scroll, inlaid eyes, underside with the signature, 2.25"h x 1.5"w x 2.25"d

JAPON Lièvre assis sur trois pattes Nestuké en ivoire sculpté Époque Meiji, XIXe siècle Hauteur : 4,4 cm

A large okimono-type wood netsuke of five rats and a treasure bag, by Ikkô. Late 19th century

A good ivory Netsuke, first half of the 19th century, a rat peering over a fallen candle, finely incised black hair and inset horn eyes, signed Tomotada, 4.5cm

JAPANESE CARVED IVORY NETSUKE 18TH/19TH CENTURY depicting a rat and its young sitting over a curved aubergine base, the mature rat's tail coils around beneath her body, her eyes inlaid in black horn 4cm long