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Weedy scorpionfish. Tropical scorpionfishes are camoflage experts, changing color and apparent texture in order to masquerade as rocks, clumps of algae or detritus., Rhinopias frondossa, natural history stock photograph, photo id 12898 Phillip Colla

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Eschmeyer’s Scorpionfish or Paddleflap Rhinopias (Rhinopias eschmeyeri) - This is a somewhat rare species of scorpionfish that are native to the waters of the Pacific oceans near Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Like most scorpionfish, they use specialized fins on their undersides to “stand” on rocks and the seafloor. They are also one of the most venomous marine fish.

Turbelario violeta (Platelmintos) sobre ascidia azul (Tunicados). Señores, están ustedes bastante emparentados con el segundo. Foto: Rand McMeins.

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