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its okay to have bad rides every once in a while. those are the ones that make you stronger. true story!

I couldn't agree more, every time I fall I feel like a stronger rider when I get back on and can't wait to show I can do it without hitting the dirt!

This is kinda sad... #love #quotes

So true! I can't have him physically next to me right now. So it makes it that more intense what I feel for him

Be grateful for those who challenge you  CoreGearUsa.com

This is definitely true in the case of some of my horses. I have had a difficult horse and he turned out amazing. I'm now working with another horse who is even worse and I'm sure he'll have equally as much to offer

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"If you haven't fallen off a horse.then you probably haven't been riding long enough."I've fallen like 25 times

Chasing a horse that doesn't want to be caught. Promise all the time..

Shooter does this to me ALOT! lol Most the time when i'd go out to catch him to go rope, he'd take off so i'd give up. He'd run to the end of the pasture, then run back to the gate. Mom always says he will decide when he's ready to to go lol :)

horsey humor...and wisdom

Words Of Wisdom

"I don't care if your trip was a shoe-in for champion, or you got disqualified at the first fence. You walk out of that ring, pet your horse and thank him for not killing you because you know damn well he could have.