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    • Laura (ローラ)

      Pogo ball. My favourite toy when I was a kid! I had the original version: black with a white board.

    • Amberly

      Pogo Ball. I saw the commercial for these and had dreams of soaring through the trees. Then I got this pieces of crap and about 2 dozen bloody knees. Lawn Jarts didn't have nearly the injury success rate this thing did. Concussion Ball. Compund Fracture Ball. Tooth Chipper Ball.

    • Debbie Licastro

      pogo ball -- very dangerous toy! got it for my kids and then was glad they didn't play with it much, it's probably outlawed now

    • Rebecca Sliva

      So crazy that this was on my first page... just talking about these a couple days ago! POGOBALL!!

    • Shannon Hawman

      Pogo Ball I actually saw one of these at toysrus the other day I'm so getting on for the kid

    • Amanda Daw

      This thing almost killed me when I was a kid!!! Never could get the hang of it!! LOL

    • Leslie Salinas

      80s toy: Pogo ball! I had this too!

    • Sarah Grogan

      Pogo Ball!!! OMG! 90s christmas :D

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    POGO BALL!!! 1980s 1990s toys, this really worked to keep you in balance! » Do they still make these? I used to love mine!!

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    I had that boom box!

    Classic lol