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  • Christina Canizzaro

    Do you feel like the walking dead on Monday mornings? Are any of the players in the NBA all star game tonight paying your bills? Any of those actors on Saturday night live helping you loose weight and feel great? Doubt it, Time to think about YOU and your Family. Time to take control of your health. This program is a win win situation no mater what your goals are. It's NOT a Diet and NOT just about weight loss. It has changed my life and I know it will change yours as well! Tonight is the last night for FREE enrollment! ($29 value) #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #weightloss #crushyourgoals #SNL40 #nutrition #saturdaynightlive #walkingdead #allstarweekend #DoYOU #NOTadiet #weightloss #snl #tcnationstrong #nutrition #fitness #health #residualincome #ceo #Entrepreneur

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Looking good isnt as important as feeling good about yourself. Don't believe the lies on tv and advertisements. You are perfect just the way you are. Putting pictures up of skinny "perfect" girls is just unrealistic. Believe in yourself. Love yourself....not what others think you should look like.

When embarking on a fitness plan, my first goal is to look good in my clothes and my subsequent goal is to look fab w/out my clothes. Progress and NOT perfection has always been my motto as it pertains to exercise and everything else!!! One love.

FITNESS MINDSET I need to write this down and carry it with me everywhere so when I want chocolate I can pull this out and remember WHY I am doing this! I always tell myself Ill start tomorrow then I never do! starting sun I will start working out again and starting today I will eat healthier! no more fast foods no more chocolate (maybe 1 a week :P) I CAN do this! I need to!

I used to always think buff chicks with 6 packs were gross or manly looking. Then I started working out 6 days a week, eating healthy and respecting my body. I've watched it change and progress as it has become my temple. I learned to appreciate muscles and am in awe of their power. Now, I think this woman is beautiful and without even knowing her, I completely respect her.

This is one of my Most favorite quotes of all time... Thanks to my HS theater teacher Wayne Canady:)

♡ωнєи ιт яαιиѕ ℓσσк fσя яαιивσωѕ. ωнєи ιтѕ ∂αяк ℓσσк fσя ѕтαяѕ.♡