This is amazing. Steampunk style cross body, criss-cross chest and back, leg and hip attachment, with connected wallet.

Fashion and Action: Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Gunslinger Holster Style Bag. I have finally found a purse I want!

Innovaciones Extravagantes

Mad hatter steampunk outfit, i like the pants vs the regular skirt or dress. I know I personally look better in a style like this

Existem ainda diferentes tipos de novos subgêneros do jogo traje steampunk. Ele pode estar em qualquer forma como a Western, Medieval e Era Vitoriana Steampunk.

sexy steampunk girl lady chick sci fi victorian era dress tophat corset design costume cosplay handgun nerf blaster gun by FroweMinahild

londonwarrior on Tumblr  Steampunk letter carrier -top of the morning 2 you x

I love the steampunk feel to the outfit and that green wow! Steampunk Victorian dressed lady taking the equal of the stagecoach from past times. Her detailed dress is very colorful & eye catching.

Sucker Punch Inspired (I would totally wear this and plan to put something together like it, just in black of course.)

Gwennifer's Tip Strappy leather and good boots can change everyday looks into a Steampunk one if the color tones are right. (Kato - steam punk or diesel)