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    Do you play basketball?! No m'fer

    • Citrine x

      This pretty much explains my life. Apart from im not bad a skating (a sport which is hard for tall people :/)

    • Annie Lewandowski

      I laughed. gotta love stereotyping! Fortunately when asked this question ALL the time, i can at least say "yes, i play both"

    • Heather Branch

      Tall Girl Problems: LOLOLOLOL....I have NONE! ZERO coordination ...never played ball a day in my life, but EVERYONE asks if did!

    • Pamela P

      Tall Girl Problems - YES!!! Too many "You must be great at basketball"s all my life! >_

    • Heather Sulikowski Saviano

      Hahaha...YES!!! These "tall girl problems" are hilarious. Story of my life.

    • Leslea Rodig

      Tall Girl Problems, how do you know?? my life. right here.

    • Megan Harris

      Tall Girl Problems- Happened all the time in high school.

    • Dana O'neal

      Tall Girl Problems. TRUTH. ..

    • Josie Raven


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    Happens all the time.

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    I sometimes buy the shorter ones for capris!

    Tall Girl Problems tall-girl-problems.. Yep ppl would prob die if they knew how much I weighed

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    So me.


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    Not being able to fit into the cute clothes her friends wear makes a 14-year-old girl feel AWESOME.

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    tall girl problems - Bing Images Seriously. Why don't people get this. I am about as coordinated as a new born giraffe.

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