Playing around with Shisha embroidery and pretty paper

I Love Sue Spargo's hand embroidery work!

Indian Shisha (mirror) embroidery, a.k.a. mirror-work or abla embroidery - attaching small mirrors to fabrics. Some different methods at this link.

#Embroidery_Tutorial -- "Add Mirrors to Embroidery or Knitted/Crocheted Garments With Stunning Shisha Stitches. Full photo and text tutorial at Craftsy." Enjoy from #KnittingGuru

flowers - pretty hand embroidered flowers

embroidery idea

heavy_chain_stitch level 3 pretty!

Diagonally Striped Raised Band Stitch

Dress Up Embroidery Pattern (Sublime Stitching)

Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation 3

Stitch Play: Guilloche Stitch – Needle’

Shisha Mirrors - TreadleArt for all your sewing, embroidery and

embroidery- cool stitch!

Overlapping ribbed fly stitch shisha embroidery tutorial:

Around shisha??

Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation 3

Tutorial: Indian Shisha Embroidery

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Stitch Fun! Scalloped Buttonholed Chain Stitch! – Needle’

punch needle tutorial