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baby bonobo

"Cute baby monkey" is a previous comment. This cutie is actually an ape, chimpanzee maybe.

Can't look away ... too adorable

Baby gorilla, photo by A. Haverkamp Definitely one of the baby gorillas in my tattoo

Veja galeria com os 50 animais mais felizes do mundo! | Virgula

sera que so eu que bebo.


San Francisco Zoo Infant Francois' langur born September 2010 Photo taken by Paul Chamberlain

I snarfed when I saw this

This can not be real."Was that a mouse?How did it get up there?

Brushing just makes you feel... BETTER! Keep those smiles healthy by brushing twice a day for 2 minutes. Never underestimate the power of a clean mouth!

Although this turtle looks like he's smiling and happy about the toothbrush cleaning. We have had our turtle for over 8 years and he hates the toothbrush! That turtle is trying to bite that guys finger.