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  • Jen Appleberry

    I love this list for a solid Christian marriage.

  • Bekah Sutton

    Marriage Advice

  • Terri Thill Gardow

    Fun and easy ideas for a healthy marriage

  • Stu Gray

    118 Fun and Easy Marriage Tips (I'm Blown away at how many people keep coming here for ideas!! :) Click to see the list! #marriagetips

  • erin

    118 fun and easy marriage tips. good advice even if you're not married

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Best Marriage Advice. I liked the one about not making waves into typhoons.

Rules of Love and Marriage 13x19 // Black // Subway by iloveitall, $45.00

Take the 30 Day Marriage Challenge and commit to doing a little bit, each day, for a better marriage.

Marriage takes commitment & trust people.. If you're not prepared to put your whole heart into it you don't need to even be considering marriage in the first place. 25 yrs strong & still going

12 rules for a happy marriage...and just a happy relationship in general! I love it!!

Very good advice. I can be a whiner at times haha...

How to Ensure Your Marriage Will Get Better with Age: Yes, things change. Bodies change, lifestyles change, children come and eventually they will go out on their own, but one thing I will always have is my husband, so here’s to making sure marriage gets better with age.

i agree with submit to your husband and husbands love your wives as the church...but husbands only hear the first 4 words in a sentence...why do we start with what the woman should do? they need to be reversed.

Mara's "Best Tips ..for a REALLY, REALLY Great Marriage" are actually, really really great. In fact, the whole blog is really really great! Courageous, even :)

Fall in love over and over again...