ZooPhonics - a multi-sensory, kinesthetic approach to teaching phonics and reading. Works with children of all abilities and was developed for use in a self-contained special education classroom.

Special Education 101


Ms. Rachel's Room - a special ed classroom blog: Sensory Ideas - Make It!!!!

Note on the door of my self contained special education classroom.

A Race to Learn Phonics - a fun way to get the kids moving and learning letter sounds!

Special education

Self contained unit folders

Sensory for preschool and special education classrooms

Guided Reading for Students with Significant Needs Bundle! Over 20 forms and Literacy activities for Guided Reading in a Special Education Classroom!

A prayer for special education teachers

Preventing Meltdowns-Outsmarting the explosive behavior of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. From Special Education Advisor. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

This Special Education Bundle will have a positive impact on the students in your classroom. This bundle includes the tools I have used in my special education classroom and with my students in the general education classroom setting. This is a growing bundle and you will get free products each time I upload new special education items to my Teachers Pay Teachers store! #education

Adventures in a Self-Contained Special Ed Classroom!

Extra Special Teaching: Special Education

flip books to teach reading

iPads in Special Education

Very cool stories that teach the difference between different sounds

Special Education Morning Work Freebie

$ SPECIAL EDUCATION WRITING: I CAN WRITE A SENTENCE - The is a great way for beginning readers and writers to feel successful. This writing activity is effective with a variety of special education students.

Great Special Education Resource