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{fc// jack harries} hey i'm jack. i'm 20 and my parents own urban outfitters. i take a bunch of photos for their advertising a lot. i don't see them that often.

jon kortajarena - makes the most perfect Rafe Martuccio!

flaews: flowahh: l-umiere: dior-models: accario: capo-verde: mined-0ver-matter: crkni: ex-oti-c: electric-wish: wildox: feyoena: wow he’s just too gorgeous self esteem bye he’s quite a dashing young chap dashing is an understatement, i prefer the word “ASDFGDHJFKDJSLAKAUSIWJSHDJSJM” first i thought this is a painting Perfection. omg you Wynston sexy beast he’s so perfect. jealous. holy fuck omfg hottie mm ok

#malemodel #menswear #hair #haircut #barneybarrett #barney-barrett

Wynston Shannon // how is this possible // holy sssshhh

Having a strong, basic head shot is really important for a model. Brands and agencies like to see that behind all the whacky poses there is a model who can pose very naturally. Visit our website for more information on successful portfolio pictures.

Daan van der Deen stops by the London studio of photographer Darren Black for a striking black and white portrait session

Bild über We Heart It #black #guy #handsome #sexy


Ben Nordberg Wants a Set of Wheels for a Penis

I don't always repost pictures of dudes, but when I do, I make sure it's worth the scrutiny Ben Nordberg.>>Repinning for the comment