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National Dachshund

Doxie Love

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Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket - Love this idea!! My little dog used to love to ride along in my wicker bike basket. This is a cute and practical step up with the addition of a fleece liner and sunshade. :)

An American Dachshund in Paris. -Frankie on holiday from Instagram Repost

Sidewinders, this is so adorable.

How to measure your dachshund

Blue dachshund puppies | OMG!

Full House

LIfe Is Good! #dogquotes


Happy doxie. Yes, umm. Rub, please.

8 Common Dachshund Health Problems and Symptoms: Prevention tips and treatments advice.

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African Wiener Dog

Lil Back Bracer - for future reference just in case one of my babies gets back problems.

Because dachshunds are so cool @Blakely Harrington Harrington Jenkins

weiner dog onesie final

Dachshund cupcake

on the boat. I know a little dog who could do this ( better make that 2 little dogs)

ok, this is funny.

to funny

Long haired dachshund + snow = Snow Sweater! Poor thing