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    Cat Worshippers From Ancient Egypt Til Now via Cat vs human- this makes all us crazy cat ladies feel a little better about themselves! It's not new!

    They just can’t :)

    This is my dog

    love these

    Cute animals

    I am laughing so hard right now<<literally five minutes later I started laughing again and i wasn't even on it anymore XD

    Escape Attempt. My dog broke the bunny cage and the bunny got out. I think the bunny told him to.: Animals, Dogs, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Funny Animal, Smile, Escape Attempt

    I DIED

    hahahahahhhaaaaa this is the best one!!!!

    Best laugh. EVER

    Snow dog to dog fort.


    my babies when I come home... follow me to the treats... or when the girls from next door visit...


    @Rachel Plourde

    I see a dog. What do you see? :)