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Most news about Africa reiterate the theme of the “white man’s burden”—save children in Darfur, save women from being genitally mutilated, save child soldiers in Uganda, Kony 2012, Invisible Children... Little do we focus on the history of honest social leaders who appeared in Africa’s history to fight for the exploited continent to come out of its misery & Eurocentric-imposed dependency. One such case is Thomas Sankara, the “Che of Africa” from Burkina Faso, who was assassinated in 1987.

Africa | Uganda's King of the Tooro Kingdom, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, during his 18th birthday and coronation celebrations in Karuzika Royal Palace at Fort Portal. King Oyo is one of the world’s youngest ruling monarchs. He ascended to throne at age three after his father, King Olimi Kaboyo, died of a heart attack in 1995. He rules over more than 2 million people in the Tooro kingdom, one of four kingdoms allowed by the government to exist in Uganda | © Benedicte Desrus

Prosthetic Hand and Forearm of Colonel Peter Charles Gaillard (Charleston, SC) who lost his hand during the Federal siege of Morris Island in 1863. Gaillard later served at the Battles of Cold Harbor and Petersburg and was elected Mayor of Charleston in November 1865. Charleston Museum.

This black soldier in the German Imperial Army is most likely Josef Mambo, born in German East Africa in 1885, moved to Germany in 1897 and twice wounded in East Prussia and Verdun, ca., 1915.

Gertrude Elion won the 1988 Nobel Prize in medicine for her work, along with George Hitchings, in developing drugs to treat leukemia and AIDS.

1980- When he presents his first paper on 3rd-gender roles in American history at a conference, Walter Williams is warned by a leading historian, who had previously complimented & recommended him, to give up the topic. The leading historian later refuses to recommend him, & in fact insults him.

Wilma Pearl Mankiller was the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. A liberal member of the Democratic Party, she served as principal chief for ten years from 1985-1995. She was the author of a national-bestselling autobiography, Mankiller: A Chief & Her People. She co-authored Every Day Is a Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women. Mankiller's administration founded the Cherokee Nation Community Development Department & saw a population increase of Cherokee Nation…

President of Guatemala. "A Christian has to walk around with his Bible and his machine gun," said born-again General Efrain Rios Mont, military ruler of Guatemala from March 1982 to August 1983. Rios Mont was one in a long series of dictators who ran Guatemala after the Dulles brothers and United Fruit, backed by the CIA, decided that elected President Jacob Arbenz held the country "in the grip of a Russian-controlled dictatorship" and overthrew the country's constitutional democracy in…