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Deviant Phrase: "social determinants of health"-lifestyle factors as basic as where a person is born and who his or her parents are and how wealthy the family is

An individual’s health does not occur in isolation. Rather, many factors combine together to influence the health of individuals and communities. These factors include social, cultural, economic and physical environments, individual behavior, and biology. Together, these factors are known as the “determinants of health” and they describe where we live, how we live, and who we live among.

Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions – and their distribution among the population – that influence individual and group differences in health status. They are risk factors found in one's living and working conditions (such as the distribution of income, wealth, influ...

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Racial inequality even affects how long we wait for the doctor

Summary: In her article "Racial Inequality Even Affects How Long We Wait for the Doctor", Carolyn Y. Johnson explains the medical racial disparity of how minorities wait much longer than whites and other preferred races to see the doctor. Vocab: jarring-causing a physical shock, jolt, or vibration; subtle-(especially of a change or distinction) so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe